1 new school
Archer Cluster middle school


Additions/renovations at 7 existing schools:

  • Archer High School

  • Harbins Elementary School

  • Central Gwinnett High School

  • Trickum Middle School

  • North Gwinnett High School

  • Shiloh Middle School

  • Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, an Technology theatre


District-wide capital projects:
Technology improvements for all schools 
    - Updated technology for instruction
    - Support for digital learning
    - Modernized safety and security equipment    


New school buses to replace older, less-efficient vehicles

Digital instructional materials, software, and textbooks
Ongoing maintenance on schools and athletic facilities (roofing, carpet, HVAC, paint, lighting)

Technology... what’s next for GCPS students?


  • Student desktop computers (classroom, lab, and media center)

  • Student laptop computers (classroom, lab, and media center)

  • Laptop carts and docking stations (where applicable)

  • Staff desktop computers

  • Staff laptop computers (including bag and accessories)

  • Computer monitors

  • Printers, scanners, and document cameras

  • Associated cables (AV, network, USB, power, etc.)

  • Classroom, lab, media center, and select conference room projectors (including cabling and control panels)

  • Broadcast studio upgrades

  • Flat-panel displays for common areas and select conference rooms

  • Interactive, flat-panel displays

  • Cafeteria sound systems

  • Classroom teacher microphones (elementary schools)

  • Fine arts classroom audio recording capabilities

  • IP TV set-top boxes

  • Theatre AV upgrades (high schools only)

  • Network cabling infrastructure

  • Core network switch

  • Local area network (LAN) switches

  • Central onsite servers

  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)

  • Wireless access points (one per classroom and in common areas)

  • Applicable integration services and warranties 

Paid for by the 2017-2022 Education SPLOST Renewal Committee